33 West New York St., Aurora, IL 60506

Phone: (630) 375-0426


Wed-Thu: 5pm-11pm (kitchen closes 9pm)

Fri-Sat: 5pm-2am (kitchen closes 10pm)

"Simply wonderful. There is no table turnover to speak of, and it takes a good three hours from the start of dinner to finish, so by the time you walk out the doors, you will have been in the same company for the better part of a whole evening"...


    Charming service and cuisine oozes from

    this small Aurora strip mall space

    By Phil Vettel, Tribune restaurant critic

    June 9, 2008


    3 stars (out of 4)

    As befits the chef/owner of a restaurant open only two days a week and offering a single, five-course prix-fixe menu, Amaury Rosado has a certain my-way approach to running things, though he sounds more like a consumer advocate than a hard-edged businessman.

    “I don’t believe in ninja service,” Rosado says, in his Chicago-accented, perpetually excited voice. “They come up to the table and disappear so quick you don’t even know who was there. I’d rather go up and talk to you, make sure you’re comfortable.                                  
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    Chef Amaury has right touch

    in new incarnation


    Dec 5, 2010 8:12AM


    Amaury Rosado’s culinary skills caught the eye of food critics and built a strong following when he began serving dinner Friday and Saturday nights in mid-2008 at Chef Amaury’s Epicurean Affair, a tiny strip-mall space on the outskirts of Aurora.

    In recent weeks, Rosado has moved his pots and pans to roomier, more visible

    digs in downtown Aurora. The space he opened earlier in the year as 33 West Trattoria, which served Italian-inspired fare, is now officially known as Chef Amaury at 33 West.                                                        Click here to read the full review


    Organic, local ingredients top Chef Amaury’s French-inspired menu

    Izidora Angel | Daily Herald Correspondent Review

    Published: 7/23/2008


    So how does a guy from Humboldt Park with a Puerto-Rican/Spanish background end up making fabulous French-inspired cuisine? It’s easy. Just give him a French first name, and his destiny is as good as decided - at least, in the case of Amaury Rosado, owner and chef of what is Aurora’s best new attraction and a true foodie’s haven. With Amaury’s wife and sister-in-law providing the mannerly service, this boutique restaurant is bound to charm you into submission, whether or not you ever knew what “fava bean coulis” entails.

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  • 2

    33 West Trattoria makes the most of

    its Italian inspiration

    Izidora Angel | Daily Herald Correspondent Review

    Published: 7/13/2010


    The classic “trattoria” falls in the middle ground of the dining spectrum - definitely not haute cuisine, though not exactly informal either. But the concept of that middle ground doesn’t begin to do justice to what Chef Amaury Rosado aims for, and achieves, with his new 33 West Trattoria. Foodies will know Rosado from his other, rather haute, French-centric Naperville establishment called Chef Amaury’s Epicurean Affair, which features five-course dining and is only open on Friday and Saturday nights.

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  • 3

    Chef Amaury’s Blends High-end Fare with Midwestern Approachability

    By Susan Frick Carlman | The Naperville Sun Reporter

    Published: 7/28/2006


    There won’t be a tuxedo-clad maitre d’ waiting for you when you step inside Chef Amaury’s Epicurean Affair. The person greeting you might be the dishwasher, or a bus person or the head chef. It could be all three, in one body.

    “This restaurant is unique. We really don’t have a front-of-house staff,” said Amaury Rosado, 44, who owns the place and runs it with his small and tight-knit staff. “We do tablecloths and candlelight and it’s really nice here, (but) you see the owner, you see the chef, they say ‘hi’ to you, we greet you, we try to meet everybody.”

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  • 4

    Plenty of tasty options for hungry diners in Aurora


    By Tony Stanford May 7, 2013


    When people say that there aren’t places to dine on Aurora’s far west side, I’m puzzled. If that were true, please explain why my waist keeps expanding?

    However, what is true is that Aurora’s west side, and for that matter the entire city, does not have a glut of trendy restaurants like Naperville, Oak Brook or Schaumburg. Quite frankly, I’m glad that Aurora has not entered the competition and has instead opted to bring a sensible selection of reputable eateries.


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  • Kelley A. Aurora, IL

    I dined at this restaurant on my birthday 10-10-10. I had the five course selection, and I can’t rave enough about the dishes. From the salad to desert, everything was impeccable and simply to die for - I mean A-MA-ZING. I ate food prepared in ways I’ve not had before. I’ve eaten squash soup before, but not like this. I’ve eaten spinach salad, which hasn’t, but I assure you, you’ve not tasted spinach salad like this before. Everything was freshly prepared and bursting with all kinds’ flavors. It was food-orgasmic!

  • Richard F. Oswego, IL

    2nd time to dine at this new Aurora Restaurant Row hidden gem! The Chef personally visited our table 3 times during the presentation to check on the courses.

  • Kathy S. Naperville, IL

    We dined on 1/21/11 and all four of us did the five course menu. It was amazing! Each dish was delectable and we enjoyed every morsel. Very nice atmosphere and the staff were perfectly attentive. This is definitely Aurora’s best kept secret! Would highly recommend Chef  Amaurys!!

  • Diane O. Oswego, IL

    The menu was diverse, amazingly well paired to the wines, and of great value. The quality was simply top-notch. How can we be so lucky to have this establishment in Aurora in a lovely little place close to the casino, with easy parking? Bravo

  • Margo F. Naperville, IL

    Went on a Friday night with my husband and I have to say that we loved it! Came here on the recommendations of Yelp and once again fellow Yelpers, you have chosen a winner. Everything was cooked perfectly and came out to us immediately. This is such an amazing, intimate restaurant that serves such incredibly delicious and concise food.

  • Kate R. Seattle, WA

    I took my family here to celebrate birthdays. We all ordered the prix fixe menu. Chef Amaury himself took 15minutes to walk through the menu with us. The service was impeccable. Our favorite dish was duck, but the fish of the day, opakapaka from Hawaii, was also outstanding. I would recommend this restaurant to all of my friends and family for a special occasion. Outstanding find in Aurora.

  • James C. Elgin, IL

    All in all the food was delicious. You can really taste the quality of the ingredients and care in preparation. This place is a great value for a legitimately unique gourmet meal.

  • Rachell J. Naperville, IL

    The meal was so delicious that I asked the Chef if I could take a copy of the menu home with me as a keepsake. My favorite course was the soup course, a butternut squash soup make from local ingredients.

  • Chris H. Batavia, IL

    What’s there to like:

    1. Chef sources most of his ingredients from local farms

    2. Chef’s ingredients are 70-80% organic...i.e. no hormones in the beef/chicken/game and wild shellfish

    and fish!

    3. The wine list! There are no wines by the glass but they do offer half bottles. And Chef does not mark up his wines so you don’t pay the 50% mark up you may find elsewhere.

    4. Personal attention to detail. Each of the 5 courses has been meticulously created. The fusion of flavors and ingredients is where Chef Amaury’s skills rival those of some of the greats! He definitely knows his stuff.

    5. The atmosphere - It’s not stuffy and stiff. You don’t feel like you’re “unqualified” to be eating such decadent creations. Chef and his wife Tricia really go out of their way to make sure you get the most of your dining experience.

  • Howard L. Naperville, IL

    Restaurant setting is very intimate and Chef Amaury is very approachable (actually he approaches you), casual, and down to earth.

  • Dave G. Naperville, IL

    I have only been there once so far, but will certainly go again. Food was exceptional, cooked by the owner and served by his wife and sister-in-law with additional commentary by the chef. Menu changes almost daily based on chef’s whim and what is fresh.

  • Dee A. Lisle, IL

    Had dinner at Chef Amaury’s last night and we were absolutely amazed at every course & every bit of the beautiful presentation & flavor that was presented from the three/five course menu. Three is just as wonderful as the five. The wine list was also very diverse & delicious. The staff was friendly, sincere and knowledgeable. This restaurant has Ambria overtones but definitely needs more in ambience  .. but I could go there every day and eat with my eyes wide shut.... Enjoy!

  • Anonymous, Aurora, IL

    My husband and I went to Chef Amaury’s restaurant on the recommendation of friends, who have been telling us for months what great food this is. It was terrifically good. Everything was so fresh and unusual, from the blue cheese ice cream disc on the salad (really!) to the snapper on forbidden rice, to the goat cheese cheesecake.

  • Anonymous, Big Rock, IL

    So in the end, the overall experience was very positive. A very good meal in a very unique, friendly, and comfortable setting. I’d love to return and sit at the table overlooking the “kitchen”.

  • Anonymous, Naperville, IL

    All of the food is excellent, and Amaury especially has a flair for sauces. I’m frequently tempted to lick the plate clean. He has great enthusiasm for his ingredients.

  • Anonymous

    An absolutely incredible dining experience at a fraction of the price of similar restaurants in the city. Every course was phenomenal, and I really appreciated speaking with the chef about the local farms & sources the food came from. This is a place I will be going back to again and again!